Our philosophy is simple:
Be Everything

When we say “everything”, we don’t mean “jack of all trades”. We mean that at every point in our interaction with our customers, their companies, their fleets, their parts, and their teams, we will be everything they need – and more – exactly when and how they need it.

To many, this seems like a tall order to fill. For Western Propeller and AeroParts Plus, it is our reason for being.

We promise to have the answers. If we don’t, we will find them – fast! We will earn our customers’ trust and demonstrate always that choosing Western Propeller and AeroParts Plus was the right move. We will make every customer feel supported, heard, and delighted. Because we genuinely care about doing our very best work. We will adapt our processes to meet varying needs. When a customer calls, we will answer. No matter what time. We will never overcharge or under deliver. And if we can’t help, we will find someone who can.

Our philosophy is to be EVERYTHING that our customers need to operate their businesses and fleets better, safer, smarter, and with a competitive advantage that can’t be beat.

It’s about more than just maintenance, overhaul, repair, and exchange. It’s about relationships.

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